Denim is still (and forever) cool

 It’s okay to admit it. Here, we’ll go first: we’re always in jeans. If it wasn’t socially frowned upon, we’d probably even consider wearing them to bed.

They’re a sartorial staple. Just picture your precious wardrobe in all its glory; then mentally pluck out every single pair of jeans. Kind of makes your heart hurt, doesn’t it?

From stone-washed girlfriend cuts to perfectly tailored indigo culottes to patchwork and patch-covered pairs, denim is worn by pretty much everybody pretty much all the time. (Full disclosure: we’re writing this from within the warm embrace of our fav pair of nearly blown-out-at-the-knees Levis, top button shamelessly undone for maximum comfort—deal with it.)

“The blue denim look... is the uniform of the world, the way we all want to look when we’re feeling easy, moving fast—a way of life,” Vogue declared in 1971. And we’re not talking private school uniform, like the itchy tartan you used to loath in grade school. Denim is the ultimate cool-girl uniform that’s versatile, ever-changing and, frankly, always in.

This season, we’re more than relieved to watch skinny jeans slink into the depths of the Once-Awesome-But-Not-Anymore-Thank-God shadows along with lace-up bodysuits, sock buns, peplums and all fringe errything. Sayonara, nearly painted-on stretch denim pant! We can finally breathe and sit down again without the skin around out stomachs angrily spilling over the ungodly tight waistband.

New styles and variations garnering all the double-taps on Instagram are plentiful, and the very best part is, they feel damn good on.

Here are five trends in denim you’ll probably spot us wearing this season.


Yes, Gran, we paid money for these, holes and all—but the reality is, distressed denim looks effortless and edgy, always. Worn with a washed black tee, this is our warm weather go-to.

Jo TKEES with Distressed Jeans


Rolling the bottoms of your tried-and-true blues will elevate them up to an “I can totally wear these in public now” point. Start with one standard fold—aim for an inch and fold twice—or play with the height and width of the roll. 

TKEES flip flops with rolled denim


Whether you’re picking up a new pair of jeans that hit at the ankle, or are considering DIY-ing your former pair of old faithful’s, ankle-grazer jeans will highlight whatever sandal (scalloped edges, anyone?) you slide your foot into this season.

TKEES Scalloped Flip Flops with Ankle Jeans

Raw-Edge Finish

If you don’t own a pair of raw-edge finished jeans just yet, open a new tab on your browser and fill your digital shopping bag—Net-A-Porter’s sale is still on. Click faster! Whatever wash you end up with, pair it with a white tee and you’re set for the summer.

TKEES Jo flip flops with raw-edge finish jeans


Stonewashed jeans embrace the fade, as if each threadbare whisker was earned over years of wear…especially if they really were. As such, they’re surprisingly versatile. Casual-cool when paired with a white button-down, or easily elevated with a silk cami for a Tito’s on the patio.

 TKEES flip flops with stonewashed jeans