There are a few ‘nude’ staples that just make life better. Add the right shade of bra to your wardrobe and wear any white tee with ease, or coat your nails in nude polish for fingers that feel instantly longer and leaner. But the hue we so often associate with nude—usually some form of beige—isn’t nude for everyone. 

Nope, there’s no ‘one shade fits all’ when it comes to nude. But all too often in the wild world of fashion, things aren’t designed ‘just for you,’ rather, they're seemingly designed ‘just for someone else.’


“Growing up a person of color meant I didn't often see people who looked like me in the media,” says Catriona Smart, co-founder of Halo PR Group in Toronto, Canada, and one of the nine inspiring women who helped shape the TKEES Foundation Bar campaign. “Being able to be part of a campaign that celebrates diversity by placing women of all colors together at the forefront is special to me because I know my younger self would have felt great seeing it”.

And, in fact, Smart’s younger self, her four-year-old daughter is watching, tucking away style-inspiration notes in her impressionable young mind. “Though we try to pretend that we're not affected by the media's portrayal of beauty standards, it's impossible not to be,” says Smart. “Showing little girls that there is beauty in every color is huge.”

With the TKEES Foundation Bar collection, we’re celebrating the beauty in diversity by offer nude sandals (another must-have for that arsenal of yours) for all women. Think of shopping the collection, which is comprised of nine different shades--from Seashell for light porcelain skin, to Deep Glow for dark espresso skin--like perusing a beauty department in search of that perfect foundation to enhance your complexion.

“Showing little girls that there is beauty in every color is huge.”


Finally, you can slip your feet into something that feels like you.

And as inclusivity continues to trend in 2017, the voices championing equality and diversity are receiving more attention, too (and rightfully so). Last year there was a marked increase in the number of people of color who landed on the covers of major fashion and beauty magazines a la Vogue and Allure, and more than a few big-name brands ran campaigns that featured women with varying body types.

“Campaigns that consider diversity and the beauty of diversity are so important and inspirational,” adds Talya Macedo, publicist and creative director at a national public relations firm in Canada, who also took part in the TKEES Foundation Bar campaign. “People are realizing they can't ignore issues surrounding inclusiveness and proper representation anymore because these issues are exactly what got us to this awful place. So in 2017, people are paying more attention.”


“Kindness. Inclusivity. Acceptance. Compassion. These aren’t just the buzzwords of a passing trend.”


Still, despite the apparent swing toward inclusiveness in certain realms, there is much work to be done. For another one of the women in the campaign, Natasha Geddes, fashion and marketing director at The September, there’s never been a more important moment for women to band together.

“We are living in a very intense time (maybe even scary), there really is no room for mean girls anymore,” says Geddes. “A lot of us are mothers now, too, and we can see the importance of inclusivity even clearer. With all the digital pollution and other terrible world issues, I think we find greater comfort and security from kindness of others now more than ever.”

Kindness. Inclusivity. Acceptance. Compassion. These aren’t just the buzzwords of a passing trend. These are the tenants of a revolution; goals we should mount on our metaphorical fridge, so that each time we reach to open it, we’re instantly remind that we’re all in this together.

A transformation is undoubtedly underway as the world redefines its standards of beauty to include all colors, shapes and sizes. And while nude sandals that suit more than one skin tone aren’t going to change the world, they’re a perfectly poised step in the right direction.