Talk emoji to me: Woman in hijab, gender neutral people and breastfeeding emoji are coming to a smartphone near you

Our gen is obsessed with emoji-talk—like, six-billion-emoji-a-day obsessed. It’s the universal language that speaks louder than words.

When you’re about to go on an epic road trip:
 TKEES Emoji
Day three, another UberEats night in:
TKEES Emoji 
You’re hung-over. SOS! Green juice, plz:
 TKEES Emoji
Or when you’re feeling yourself, get it! :
 TKEES Emoji


We’ve all had WTF moments when looking to emote a specific idea, only to realize this emoji does not yet exist! That’s why we raise our spirit fingers when our vocabulary expands. With the official 2017 update, Emoji 5.0, 69 unique new icons were approved.

TKEES Emoji Via Emojipedia.

The new and much-needed additions finally make expressing our love for mermaids, wizards, dinosaurs, dumplings and soft pretzels easier than ever. New winter weather apparel like socks, gloves and a puffer coat were added, too, but, to be honest, we’re not impressed to see that the flip flop emoji still isn’t a priority. How can there only be one red pump? Painful.

It’s not just the playful creatures and food that have us seeing double-heart eyes. New additions are more inclusive than ever, with the 2017 update finally offering a woman in a hijab, both male and female yogis, gender-neutral people, and breastfeeding icons. Inclusivity is in, and it’s translating right down to our fingertips.

 TKEES EmojiVia Emojipedia.

Currently, you can only use the new emoji on Twitter’s website, which kind of feels like parenting an adorable rescue dog with a prominent overbite and not creating a personal Instagram account for him. But Apple and other major players will slowly roll out the new icons within the year—word is that iPhone will get the set when iOS 11 is released in September.

 If you’ve got littles in your life who are too young for their own device, you can get them in on the emoji talk with our Emoji sandals in LOL or OMG, which are dotted with analogue smiles, hearts, rainbows and stars.