The world needs more foot rubs, here's why

 The key to our heart is through our soles. No, we’re not getting all woo-woo, nor did we just make a typo — if you want to win us over, offer up a foot rub. We’ll be fam forever… at least until someone with stronger hands comes along.

 “Our feet are our foundation. They connect us with the ground physically and energetically, and form the base of our standing and walking support,” says Jessie Meegan, senior reflexologist and managing director at Perry Street Reflexology in New York’s West Village.

 Fun fact: each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments. A little more complicated than “the heel bone’s connected to the foot bone…”

 And yet, for all that’s going on in our feet, we kind of neglect them (sporadic pedicures aside). Which is why we’re so into reflexology. The ancient practice not only feels awesome — if you don’t melt into a buttery pile of goo after a 30-minute session, you’re probably not human — but specific pressurized touches on the foot’s various reflex points can unlock all sorts of tension throughout the entire body.

 “Reflexology is wonderful for reducing stress and tension, promoting balance, improving circulation and assisting one's own healing process,” says Meegan.

 But if this sounds too new-aged, just think of it as one epic foot rub. “It’s a truly enjoyable experience and all you have to do is take off your shoes,” Meegan promises.

 Still feel like you need another reason to justify a rub down? Meegan gives us four.

 If you suffer from headaches or sinus pain.

“The big toes are where the head, brain, pituitary/pineal gland, and upper cervical spine reflexes are located. The tips of the toes also correspond to the head, brain and sinus reflexes. Give extra attention there if you are suffering from sinus headaches.”

 Or if back pain is the bane of your existence.

“The spinal reflex is on the medial aspect (inside) of each foot, and this is also very effective since the spine is where the nervous system is located.”

 If digestive issues have got you down.

“The reflexes for the digestive area are located on the plantar aspect (sole) of the feet; by working on these points we are helping with relieving constipation, acid reflux and other minor digestive discomforts.”

 And if monthly menstrual cramps are crushing your vibe.

“The reflex points for the reproductive area are located around the ankles. The point for the uterus is located halfway between the ankle bone and the heel on the medial side of the foot and the ovary reflex is in the same area on the lateral aspect of the foot.”